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Creation: Divine Unicorns is a unique WhatsApp Course, perhaps the first of its kind, which imparts 36 telepathically intuited symbols.

I offer you an ethereal experience for personal empowerment, and invite you to step into the portals of the sixth and seventh dimensions through my Attunements to the Unicorn Collective Energies.

Imbue the powerful healing energies of the Unicorns in these challenging times.

On the Spring Equinox of 2021, I have clairvoyantly intuited a primordial symbol of Creation during an Akashic Records reading of my Book of Records. This ancient symbol of Creation can be used for efficaciously manifesting your wishes if it is for your highest good.

Remember that we have Free Will, so you can use it to your benefit.

Please always ask for Universal Guidance to assist you in your fulfilment.

A day later, on the auspicious Durgashtami, on 22 March 2021, I channelled 9 symbols. I clairvoyantly perceived 3 more symbols the next day, and finally 21 symbols in total on the third day. Within a week, I channelled 36 symbols and they form the contents of my WhatsApp course, titled Creation: Divine Unicorns.

I have been guided by the powerful vibrational frequencies emitted by the seventh dimensional Unicorn Collective. Through a deep intuitive connection to these beautiful Unicorns, I channelled over 200 symbols. I will offer these symbols to humanity as WhatsApp Courses or Tarot Cards, in accordance with the guidance that I intuit.

I invite you to imbue the healing energies of the Unicorns who have entered Planet Earth in trillions. Humanity is being continually guided to seek their energies to access multitudinous energetic portals.

In the WhatsApp course, I will attune the participants to 36 inspirational symbols. The basic level is mandatory in the three-level course. Participants will have to practise self-healing for 21 days with these symbols.

I am instructed to attune the participants to 12 symbols in every course. The first 12 are simple and easy to draw. Participants will have to practise them for 21 days and strive to integrate these powerful symbols in their energetic sheaths.

They will be guided with videos, audios and slides which portray the symbols.

The other 24 symbols are more complex. The guidance and self-healing for these symbols will vary. The efficacy of these symbols can be used at the discretion of the participants for manifestation, healing or for imbibing guidance in their daily lives.

These symbols will subtly permeate your body at a cellular, molecular and atomic level, and will be eternally encoded in your Akashic Records for your future lifetimes.

We are living in extremely potent times when powerful inter-galactic energies are suffusing Ether! Imbibe these and uplift yourself!


LEVEL I - CONNECTION: The first 12 symbols will be given with instructions on drawing them and their practise. These special Attunements are timeless and can be availed of whenever the participants wish to reenergize themselves for their personal growth and empowerment.

Once attuned, you are always connected to the high vibrational frequencies of the beautiful Unicorn Collective. You can use these symbols in as creative a manner as you wish, knowing that the Unicorn Collective will always guide you. Tune into their frequencies and receive their empowering guidance.


LEVEL II - ASCENSION: The next 12 symbols will assist participants to receive higher vibrations through the efficacy of their structure. Each symbol has been clairvoyantly received and can empower you to seek new vistas of wisdom as you step into the portals of the fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions. It is essential to practise meditating on these symbols with deep faith and with the succour of their miraculous perceptions. You will be blessed with insights and glimpses of cosmic splendour.

LEVEL III - ABUNDANCE: These advanced 12 symbols will be infused in your chakras for assisting you in manifesting abundance for your highest good. These symbols follow the laws of inter-galactic dimensions, and will not assist you if they are misused. Please treat them with sanctity and reverence, and they will usher copious blessings in all walks of life, and beyond your expectations. They have the power to compel opportunities to enter your life and profusely contribute towards the fulfilment of your dreams.


I have channelled these 36 Divine Symbols clairvoyantly, and have perceived them from the seventh dimensional Unicorns. Please email or message me on the WhatsApp number for the available dates for these workshops.



The pricing structure for 2021:

CONNECTION: @ Rs. 7,700, 111 USD.

ASCENSION: @ Rs. 7,700, 111 USD.

ABUNDANCE: @ Rs. 7,700, 111 USD.


Payment can be made on Google Pay or Pay Pal.

Email for details.


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