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I released my first book at the age of 29. Pristine beaches and frolicking waves of the ocean revealed to me enlightening insights into the Divine colloquy: The Bhagavad Geeta. These revelations deeply influenced my writing, and formed the contents of my first book, The Eternal Ocean of Brahma (1994).

 The revised book has been titled The Oceanic Geeta. It has been published by Invincible Publishers, Gurugram, in October 2020.


Lord Krishna’s Cosmic Drama (1996) is a dramatic portrayal of a cosmic stage. The entire theme of this book is symbolic and invites you to search within for the root cause of the violence and agitation prevailing in the world. (This book is out of print.)


The Revelation on Shivaratri Night (1998) is a personal narrative of my own experiences as a devotee of Bhagavan Sathya Sai Baba. This book is currently being revised and the ongoing manuscript portrays intriguing corollaries on the pandemic situation.


The Karmic City trilogy, in the genre of New Age Philosophy and self-help, was released in 2015 and 2019. The Foreword of the Karmic City trilogy is written by the well-known erudite Maharaja Dr. Karan Singh. The trilogy series presents Indian philosophy in a contemporary style.


Narrated with a lightness of touch, it is a portrayal of a group of people whose lives are enhanced and transformed by their encounters with the Soul. The Soul reveals enlightening wisdom and imparts unique insights into cosmic mysteries. The trilogy is interspersed with poetry and mystical wisdom and propagates different levels of consciousness.


Karmic City: The City of Lord Brahma was released in April 2015, on the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya.

Karmic City: The City of Lord Vishnu was released at The Goa Literary Festival, in December 2015.

Karmic City: The City of Lord Shiva was released at The Gurgaon Literature Festival, in November 2019.


Satyuga’s vibrations suffused Planet Earth in 2014, thereby imbuing Ether with inter-galactic energies of the fifth level of consciousness. The need of the hour is to comprehend the first four levels of consciousness and consciously attune our intellect to the fifth dimension. This trilogy takes you on a radical inner journey, systematically towards higher levels of consciousness.

When you pursue a metaphysical quest, you instinctively seek within. You strive to lift the subtle veils of ignorance that shroud your thoughts. You may be stunned that you have been unconsciously seeking this knowledge through diverse lifetimes. In reality, you are seeking to perceive “Who am I?”

The Karmic City trilogy strives to inspire you to continue traversing on a spiritual journey, perhaps interspersed with hardships, cogitating upon enlightening knowledge that will answer the timeless question, “Who am I?”


Karmic Cords was released at The Goa Literary Festival, in December 2016. This book was a celebration of my brother’s achievements after he passed at the age of 53. 


Warren Hitesh Myer was an IIT-ian, and at 31 he created the world’s first mortgage website in 1992 at San Jose, USA.

My ninth book, and the first in Historical Fiction, Tijara’s Mystery Codes, was released at the Kumaon Literary Festival in Panjim in May 2022. The thrilling narrative of this book is uniquely interwoven with clairvoyance and telepathy. Set in the majestic Tijara Fort-palace in Rajasthan, the plot follows three timelines, set apart by centuries and millennia, yet inextricably linked by the dark secret of the Amritha.

Tijara Fort’s ancestor, Maharaj Susharma, abetted the Kauravas by leading Arjuna’s chariot away from the battlefield. The Kauravas trapped Abhimanyu in the Chakravyuh and ruthlessly killed him, breaking all battlefield morals. Do these actions have consequences millennia later when one of Maharaj Susharma’s descendants displays a ruthless mindset at Tijara? Does she unknowingly create a Chakravyuh?

Maharaj Mahadev of Tijara possesses an ancient manuscript filled with ambiguous codes and ciphers to formulate the Amritha. Despite Maharani Madri’s curse on the Amritha, the Maharaj hires Dr. Sanjay Kirti to secretly decipher this manuscript. He formulates the elixir, but at the cusp of success, he is found murdered in the Solah Dwar Chikitsalay. Did the dreaded curse kill him? Was he murdered because he decoded the ciphers? What caused Maharani Ambika’s strange behaviour? Was the gorgeous Rajkumari Mansi involved in his cold-blooded murder?

Coming to Tijara in the guise of interior decorator Syd, DSP Siddhartha meticulously tracks down vital clues. He clairvoyantly imbibes guidance in the form of auguries and solves crimes with psychic powers. In an enthralling climax, Syd finally zeroes in on the culprit. Caught unawares, which royal member does the desperate perpetrator take hostage and then threaten to kill?

This page-turner unfolds a suspense-laden plot involving a cursed mystical Amrita, murder, deception, missing decoded files, illicit affairs, and palace intrigue.

My sixth book Karmic Cords has been revised in 2022 and metamorphosed into my tenth book – Sacred Cords. It was released on 11-11-22! This book is a poignant narrative of a personal loss of my only sibling and reveals enlightening insights into the mysticism
surrounding the afterlife.

Over time, my ultimate goal became that of non-duality, after reading Sri Sankaracharya’s
exponents on the Holy Upanishads.


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