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A Cosmic Light Kode is a Seventh Dimensional Energetic Ascension Code that Embodies Your Vibratory Signature for accessing Intergalactic Portals and Stellar Gateways.

The Cosmic Light Kode is an energetic interweave with the emerging fifth dimensional grid of Planet Earth. As an ordained Keeper of the Crystalline Cosmic Grids of Mother Earth, I am guided to infuse these cosmic grids with multidimensional vibrational frequencies from the Great Central Sun. 

Telepathically, I am guided to connect to the fifth dimensional crystalline grid and intuit your Ascension Goldprint, which could be an alphanumeric or a numeric cosmic signature: your personal Cosmic Light Kode.

The Cosmic Light Kode holds the template for the fifth dimensional etheric grid of interstellar portals and celestial gateways. When you were born, your birth charts mystically aligned with the frequencies of your core soul contracts. These soul contracts have been chosen by your Higher Self and your Ascended Masters in tandem with your karmic repertoire and your cosmic blueprint.

The Cosmic Light Kode is a seventh dimensional energetic light ray that is designed to enhance your personal vibratory frequency to augment your ascension. They are flaming light rays from the Great Central Sun that have formed alphabets and/or numbers. The Cosmic Light Kode is efficacious, whether they are numeric or alphanumeric or a familiar word you have used earlier. Your awareness will enhance as a Cosmic Light Kode is a
metaphysical aspect of the Cosmic Grid of Mother Earth; an inherent part of sacred geometry.

The Cosmic Light Kode is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent and it will augment your ascension. The Cosmic Light Kode does not need your guidance as it is imbued with the wisdom of the universe. Just as you have a cell number to reach you, irrespective of wherever you are, similarly the Cosmic Light Kode can connect to you on your evolutionary journey, irrespective of your position on the spiritual path. The Cosmic Light Kode will ensure that you do not regress backwards. We request you to use the Cosmic Light Kode in a beneficial way. Any misuse will cause you to lose its miraculous powers of manifestation and energetic transmissions; forever.


Will you need another to use Cosmic Light Kode?

This is a personal choice and there is no restriction on only using one Cosmic Light Kode. Some people have 2-3 cell phones for different reasons. However, you cannot use two Cosmic Light Kodes simultaneously. You are advised to use one at a time, preferably with a space of 5-7 hours, unless instructed. Having two Cosmic Light Kodes will not hasten your evolutionary progress. However, you may be guided to use each Cosmic Light Kode

Please WhatsApp on 9637677111 for any clarifications and details.
Fees for a Cosmic Light Kode @ Rs. 2,800


Our planetary configurations at birth are not positioned in our Natal Charts to punish us for our past karmic debts, but to guide us and illuminate our

The Planets are enlightening us about different stalling and recurring patterns and blocks in our life and how we can positively efface them.

You will receive insights to the following questions through a reading of your

Akashic Records + a free 20 minutes Zoom session.

#1 - Your first lifetime on Planet Earth
#2 – Total lifetimes on Planet Earth
#3 – The Karmic Patterns that keep you in bondage
#4 – The importance of the Sun in your life
#5 - The importance of the Moon in your life
#6 - Your major Karmic Lessons for this lifetime
#7 – Ancestral agreements, promises, oaths, vows, curses from past lives
# 8 - Soul Specialisation
#9 – Theme of the present lifetime
# 10 – Your personal contribution to the ascension of Mother Earth
# 11 – Negative Generational Collective Consciousness

# 12 – The Spiritual Cord
# 13 –The Negative Cords
# 14 – The Quotient of Light and Quotient of Darkness in your auric sheaths
# 15 – How this Soul is Known in through Akashic Records in this lifetime
#16 – Three major soul contracts that are binding you:
# 17 – Three questions about any area of your life (not future predictions but insights from past

Please WhatsApp on 9637677111 for details.
You will be sent a Master PDF file via WhatsApp which will briefly explain
these 17 questions.
Fees for Akashic Cosmic Charts @ Rs. 10,000

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