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I offer powerful distant Attunements that will be sent on request. You will receive a PDF file on WhatsApp with all the instructions about the symbols. You have to be lying down or asleep to receive these Attunements.

Some wish to tread the solitary path of personal ascension and do not wish to join courses, spiritual groups or standardized practices.


They, too, will benefit from Attunements, as they will empower them on their spiritual journey.

These Chi Ball Attunements have to be practised individually and can be used at your own intuitive discretion, for your personal growth and Abundance.

1. The Midas Star Symbol
2. The Vasudha Symbol

These famed Reiki Symbols of Abundance and Prosperity are to be received with reverence
and gratitude.

3. An Ancient Egyptian Symbol – Dedun
Lord Dedun was revered as an important God of Wealth and Abundance since 2,400 BC.


You are advised to abstain from alcohol and non-vegetarian food for the duration of these attunements, and have minimum caffeine drinks.

All symbols have to be practiced for 21 days.

Please connect with me via email or on WhatsApp as these are individual Attunements.

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