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The Akashik Invocation Prayer

The Akashic Records can be likened to the Universe's Supercomputer system, a storehouse of all information of every individual who has ever lived. These Akashic Records are a Fountainhead of knowledge, which contains archives of data about your soul’s evolutionary journey. The Akashic Records are the repositories of your soul’s thoughts, deeds, experiences, memories and traumas in this lifetime and every one of your thousands of past lifetimes.

I learned how to read my Akashic Records on 1 June 2020. Thus began my tryst with destiny as I embarked on a path that I had chosen before birth and, indeed, in many past lifetimes. I had many enlightening readings during the mandatory 30 days of daily practice. On 10 June 2020, I was guided to start teaching others to read Akashic Records.

Akashic Records exude a sense of timelessness since you can connect to events that occurred over a millennia ago. You can use this knowledge effectively, to heal and expiate past karma. Akashic Records exist in the domain of Cosmic time while all human beings operate from a linear time frame.

On 11 March 2021, I was attending an online Mahashivaratri chanting session. I was stunned to perceive a ray of light emanating from above and falling on my third eye or Ajna Chakra. 

On 21 March 2021, the Spring Equinox, I clairvoyantly perceived the CREATION SYMBOL during an Akashic Records reading. The CREATION SYMBOL forms the basis of all the symbols which I channelled from the Unicorn Collective. Subsequently, I telepathically channelled 36 symbols and created a WhatsApp course. I was instructed about attuning others to these symbols.

On the afternoon of 9 April 2021, I took my first shot of the Covid vaccine and decided to rest. Hours later, I began reading Linda Howe’s book How to Read the Akashic Records. I empathised with her pain and struggle, her mental despair and yearning. I was truly grateful to her for creating the Pathway Prayer Process because I could effortlessly access the Akashic Records.

That is when the Masters intuitively instructed me to create another Invocation Prayer that would empower seekers to enter the portals of the fifth dimension, and read their Akashic Records. These readings would reveal highly beneficial guidance.

On 10 April 2021, Shivaratri, I was inundated by waves of sleep throughout the day. I assumed that my body was reacting to the vaccine and needed rest. In the evening, I was awake and refreshed and within an hour I channelled the Akashik Invocation Prayer and the Closing Prayer. I was completely stunned when I read through the entire Akashik Invocation Prayer.

Presumably, uncertainty swamped my thoughts and I was besieged by self-doubt. Eventually, I reasoned that I have been channelling messages from the Ascended Masters, Archangels, the Elementals, the Hindu Pantheon of Gods and Goddesses, the revered Gurus and Saints for over 12 years.

By mid-April, I had channelled over 100 symbols from the Unicorn Collective. Therefore, it was highly probable that I could channel another prayer for accessing the Akashic Records. 

Some of you may instantly connect to these Akashic Records and wish to learn more or have a reading. If so, then this connection is coming from many past lives of working with the Akashic Records. You could have been a teacher and a reader, and the continuity will compel you to continue in this lifetime as well. If you feel a sense of amazing familiarity, of returning to a welcoming home, presumably you have had many past life associations with Akashic Records.

In Cosmic time, the past, present and future are simultaneous and not broken up into the 24-hour cycle that we all are so familiar with. Our lives are ensconced by the boundaries of linear time, and we are often unable to think beyond its limiting parameters.

While preparing the Manual for teaching the Akashik Invocation Prayer I have been guided to depict the fifth Dimensional Chakras and the ethereal Aquamarine light.

The year 2020 literally swept the carpet from underneath our feet, and took us on a magical ride of opportunities, despite forging for us an unknown lifestyle created by the Pandemic. When you ponder on your life after 2020, you may also receive glimpses of transcending the limitations of Linear time and embracing the vastness of Cosmic time; and it is filled with immense possibilities. When you live in a Fifth Dimensional body, you are attuned to the vast Cosmic time, and can truly be filled with vitality, health and abundance.

The Archangels have confirmed that everyone can access their Akashic Records, despite their Third, Fourth or Fifth Dimensional lifestyle. I truly hope that everyone will be encouraged to seek ascension towards a Fifth Dimensional lifestyle. Godspeed!


The pricing structure for 2023:

Two-day Certified Foundation Course of five hours per day @ Rs.19,000 / $250 for a group session of 4-6 participants.


Personal nine hours workshop with flexible timings – Rs. 25,000 / $300


Personal sessions of an Akashic Records reading for an hour @ Rs.3,700 /$55.


Akashic Cosmic Charts @Rs.11,100 / $150

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