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Master Reconnection is a channeled initiation process to function from the space of OMNI-PRESENT and OMNI-POTENT by you creating your 8th sense. It is an initiation for self-evolution and healing. There are three initiation processes. Once done, you don't have to re-do it or it doesn’t get undone from your system.

Just like you smell, see, taste and as any other sensory organ in your body which is involuntary, your 8th sense remains functional in you for your entire life. It facilitates and accelerates the functioning of your 6th sense and the 7th sense. 


Master Reconnection is for your own self evolution, helping you to connect with your chosen path and it is a source for staying connected with your gut, intuition and psyche closely. It is also a means of healing and awareness.

The process was channeled to Sonia Mackwani in the year 2010.



There are three initiations you can take:

1. Master Reconnection Process A: where you heal the Master and leap into the space of your new evolution. You come to your own completion. By Process A, you lay the seed of 8th sense in you.

2. Master Reconnection Process B: where you become the Source by initiating yourself. You can nurture the seed of 8th sense inside you. You also learn to heal yourself and others.

3. Master Reconnection Process C: where you finally become that single point of omnipresence and omnipotence that is you become the nature of the 8th sense which functions through you by itself. You learn to heal in spur of seconds.


Why must one do Master Reconnection?

Master Reconnection is not only a process but also a step toward your own spiritual evolution by you coming to point of 'creating your own 8th sense. The nature of 8th sense itself is 'omnipresent' and 'omnipotent' and thus, you live this nature inside you. It is the study of wisdom and words in space, quantum cosmic and supra-senses.

It is an initiation where you experience your self-healing process.  You also learn a tool to heal others. Master Reconnection brings you closer to your intuitive nature and facilitates a connected living with self and your Master. It facilitates the healing journey.


One can use Master Reconnection healing independently or along other healing modalities.

Process A helps you to be at peace. There is sense of completion. Intuition enhances and what you become supports your everyday living. 


Process B speeds up your intuitiveness and clair- senses. It speeds up healing processes and it is quick way to heal. It helps you to take complete charge and responsibility of your life. Thus, keeping you grounded and helping you heal with non-judgement and detachment. 


Through Process C, you live your 8th sense in you, that which allows you to heal at spur of second and also helps you evolve in your spiritual path and live the nature of omnipresence and omnipotence. If you are a healer, it helps you to further enhance your healing skills. It heightens your creative and creating skills.


The Energy Exchange is Standard. 


India (including nations with currency lower than Indian Rupees)
Process A: 3500/- 
Process B: 4500/-

Process C: 5500/-
Becoming Initiator/Facilitator: 8800/-

International Energy Exchange 

Process A - 125$ 

Process B - 135$

Process C - 155$

Initiator's Training - 375$

* The energy exchange is standard.


The Initiators cannot change above the standard Energy Exchange. 


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