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Nature and Animal Communicator

My life metamorphosed when I was blessed to telepathically imbibe celestial wisdom from the Unicorn Collective Fleet during the Spring Equinox of 2021. It was an empowering experience when I connected for the first time to radiant beings from higher dimensions exuding vibrant seventh dimensional frequencies. In the following months, I integrated intergalactic knowledge about vast cosmic vistas, which were previously beyond my cognitive purview of comprehension.

I have been divinely guided by the interstellar Unicorns. In 2021, I channelled over 200 symbols from the Unicorn Collective. I have created a unique Unicorn Oracle Card Deck and a WhatsApp Course wherein I attune participants to these Unicorn symbols.


Planet Earth ascended to the fifth dimension on 22nd February 2022. She exudes celestial energetic frequencies of ascension that can augment our evolutionary progress. I experienced a mystical heightening of my telepathic senses whenever I imbibed wisdom from Mother Nature. I have always been intuitively guided through omens and auguries from birds, feathers, rainbows, unusual fragrances and synchronicity of numbers, etc.


I commenced on my journey of training for the role of an Inter Species Telepathic Communicator during the Spring Equinox of 2023. This deeply resonated with my innate psychic abilities and was also in sync with my life purpose, and my unique role as a Way Shower and Way Illuminator.

I learned how to telepathically connect to the energies of landscapes and all diverse species on Planet Earth, and subtly imbibe their messages.

On 21st May 2023, I completed a Certified Course of a Nature and Animal Communicator.  Presently, I am blessed to telepathically connect with all the unique kingdoms of Mother Earth, which play an integral role in fostering humanity.


We can use our communications with animals and landscapes to discern enlightening knowledge.  We are not restricted by time, space and physicality or whether they are awake or asleep.

I wish to clarify that animal communication is a two-way conversation between consensual parties. We must respect their Free Will and telepathically connect with animals primarily to aid and enhance humanity’s comprehension of their thought processes.

All animal communicators endeavour to empower humans to connect to their pets for an enhanced comprehension that will be beneficial for both of them. Humans learn to empathise with their pets’ feelings, thoughts and emotions, and animals receive an expanded insight of their humans’ thoughts.

All animals are sentient beings and do not need our assistance for their daily life. As an animal communicator, our role is to interconnect human owners and animals. We converse with them and convey the thoughts of the animals which are often not understood by their humans. We do not diagnose or suggest any medication.

We strictly share insights about their thoughts, emotions and feelings without giving our personal opinions.  We do not command animals to work on their behavioural issues. We communicate what is adversely affecting their human family and explain how they could change it.


As an animal communicator, we do not force any changes in their eating, behaviour or sleep patterns.

I have been intuitively guided not to connect with lost animals and assist in tracing their whereabouts. I am open to communicating with them and conveying their thoughts and perceptions. I respect their Free Will in leaving their human family and intuit that they have a different perspective of their role as pets or community animals. This is my personal choice and I do not wish to impose my restricted perception on their evolutionary path.


As an Inter Species Telepathic Communicator, I will share the messages of any species without judgement.

As a Psychic Medium I am empowered to guide and assist any person who wishes to hone their psychic talents and directly communicate with their pets or any species on Planet Earth.

As a Way Shower and Way Illuminator, I offer Akashic Records Readings that reveal clarity of thought and deep insights for any unresolved personal or professional issues.

I telepathically connect to different species and discern omens and auguries that empower me on my spiritual path. I am aware that I will evolve spiritually as I connect to the pure energies of any species for their greatest good and share this knowledge with others.

Humanity has to ascend higher, collectively. This sagacious learning from different kingdoms of Mother Earth enhances my personal vibratory frequencies, and is in consonance with my life purpose and ultimate soul mission.

In my personal sessions, I offer an intuitive connection with your animal and will convey the insights that I telepathically imbibe.

I choose not to coerce them into any kind of training or following our thought patterns and lifestyle choices.

It is essential for us to respect their Free Will and honour them as we walk together on this meaningful journey of conversing and empowering each other.


The Energy Exchange:

I offer consultations for 30 minutes (can be extended) via Zoom with prior appointment.

Zoom Sessions @ Rs. 2,000 / $40.

I offer consultations on WhatsApp and/ or Email after receipt of payment.

WhatsApp and/ or Email @ Rs.1,200 /$19.

Cell: 9637677111 For 5-7 questions.

UPI CODE: hemamyersood@okhdfcbank

Google Pay: 9850320633.

DM for Net Banking and Pay Pal details.

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