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The word Runes is derived from an old Norse word, Runa.

According to the Norse myth, Runes were invented by God Odin.

Runestones are strangely marked stones found in Scandinavia, and are used as a tool towards self-knowledge and self-help. Runes are an ancient form of an oracle, used by those seeking advice.


Stemming from an unwritten language, it is often considered that the runic symbols have magical powers. Runes were given meaningful names, which confirmed their unique powers and religious significance, even millenniums before they emerged as an alphabet for creating records. With the aid of inscriptions, one could predict the future, or protect a person against misfortune and imbue objects with unique qualities.


They are often likened to a Tarot Cards reading, but Runes represent Gods, objects, people, concepts and occurrences.

Runes are also known as Elder Futhark, after the first six letters of the Runic alphabets.

Today, we link the Runic symbol with its modern-day English equivalent. There are altogether 24 Runes, plus one blank one.


I offer guidance and counseling by reading Runes, Tarot Cards and using Pendulum Divination for personal sessions. I also offer deep insights into Ho’oponopono – the ancient Hawaiian Practice of Forgiveness.

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