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I became a Reiki Grandmaster in 2001, and a Money Reiki Grandmaster in 2020. After earnestly practising for over two decades, I have created a WhatsApp Course for First Degree Reiki, especially in view of the current pandemic. This will enable everyone to empower themselves and enhance their personal health. The need to learn healing has definitely escalated in this decade.

I will empower all participants to practise regularly and heal themselves.

I perform the Reiki Attunements once a month on Full Moon. Participants will receive instructions for receiving the Attunements. They can commence their self-healing by reading my PDF file and listening to my audios.

I teach Second Degree Reiki and the Master Level of Reiki as weekend online courses on Zoom, once a month.

Please connect with me via email or on WhatsApp for the upcoming dates of these courses.

I teach Money Reiki Practitioner Level, Money Reiki Master Level and Money Reiki Grandmaster Level, also as WhatsApp Courses. These are held 4-5 times in a year, but if there are groups of 15-20 participants, I can adjust dates and commence these courses.

For every module of Reiki and Money Reiki, I transmit powerful distant Attunements which are programmed for your entire lifetime. You can self-attune yourself again, if you wish. However, once you have received an Attunement, it implies that you will always remain a channel for the Divine Prana to flow through you.

The Pricing Structure for 2023:

First Degree Reiki@ Rs. 3,300, 46 USD.
Second Degree Reiki @ Rs. 4,600 66 USD
Master Level of Reiki@ Rs. 5,500, 75 USD

Money Reiki Practitioner Level @ Rs. 3,300, 46 USD.
Money Reiki Master Level@ Rs. 5,500, 75 USD
Money Reiki Grandmaster Level @ Rs. 7,000, 100 USD

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