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Online workshops: I have created a unique five-hour weekend workshop on Channelling. In this, I share my personal experiences of channelling over 12 years. I have also designed a meditation and standardized instructions that will assist you in honing your Auto Writing skills. I will share my writings since 2009 and will elucidate on the different techniques and tools that will assist you in Channelling.

During a Tarot card reading session, I was guided by Shirdi Sai Baba to telepathically receive His Wisdom. I commenced in March 2008, and took a few years to master the art of Auto Writing. I have telepathically received over 300 channelled messages, which I have converted into 7 books (to be published soon), which are titled the Gratitude Series.

Channelling is a transcendental connection with the Divine, Gods and Goddesses, Archangels, Angels, Gurus, Spiritual Guides and all Higher Beings. The profound knowledge received during Channelling flows from ethereal realms; this is often beyond the cogitation of our limited human rationale.

Sometimes, this knowledge is accosted with disbelief rather than with heartfelt gratitude and a childlike awe. Individuals who channel receive higher energies that flow through them. These energies positively enhancing their thought flow, and confer enlightenment.

It is my privilege to have received these illuminating messages which enlightened me as they flowed into my thoughts. I truly believe that any form of creativity—painting, music, dancing, singing, writing—are mystical expressions of Channelling.

Workshop Contents:

Day One:

Introduction to Channelling

History of Auto Writing.

Selection of whom you wish to channel.

Features of Auto Writing.

My foray into Self-Hypnosis.

The importance of meditation and prayer

Do not judge the content of what you have channelled.

Mandatory Do’s and Don’ts

To charge fees or not to charge

Three Types of Writing.


Day Two:

Portrayal of different glimpses of my channelling from 2008.

Do not compare or emulate

Cleanliness and Protection

Crystals that enhance/protect you during channelling

Dowsing Pendulum

Procedures to be followed for channelling

Guided meditation

Practice Session


Workshop fee for 2023: Rs. 5,500.

The pricing structure is Rs. 4,600 for the first 50 participants.

Dates will be announced 60 days prior to the workshop.


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